Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Facebook Flair" beats out "Frank Lloyd Wright"

Well, this is weird... my post about Facebook Flair has had over 25 hits in the last 3 days. Again, as with the Frank Lloyd Wright wasp nest, over half being outside of America.

Don't you wonder why some of your posts generate hits? What's the secret? I've mentioned "facebook" in other posts, and nothing.

Sexiest Man Alive? Draws only my regular readers. Now, you'd think having "Sexiest" in there would bring some hits my way, but it seems to be the word "flair" that does it.

Lets try:
Silly Children
Dryer Sheets
Sistine Chapel
Patio Furniture
Crate and Barrel
Dog Treats
Spring Flowers

I'll let you know which, if any, bring attention. I suppose this is why people hide key words in their sites, right? What word would draw your attention?


Jay said...

I would think you would get something from inauguration. That's the word my money's on at least. If not, maybe dryer sheets.

Sitting in Silence said...

Hrmmmmm Good questions...

Here's my idea..
1. How to get rid of your neighbours.
2. Free washing and ironing for a year.
3. Teach your dogs to stay outside.
4. Teach the kis to stay outside.
5. Cook that comes to you.
6. You have an unclaimed sum of money.
7. We the bank owe you over 150,000
8. Loose weight in 2 days.
LMAO...oh the list goes on !

ganelle said...

What gets the most unexplained hits on my blog was my post about going to Laramie Wyoming. Laramie? Really? It still draws people.

Dodi said...

Really.... is there ever enough Wyoming to go around? Oh, wait... thats right - there IS enough Wyoming to go around. Silly me!

SIS - LOL! #1 and #5 have peaked my interest!

Hottie Fireman Nephew: Nothing so far. Weird. Maybe next time I'll remember to add Nevada Sagebrush to the list!