Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why being a high school principal is perhaps the WORST job ever...

OK, I saw this on a gossip site today and it is so funny! It's a clip from "truTV" (which I guess is the old CourtTV, IDK, but this show is called "Principal's Office"), and these two guys are really quite funny. Even though you want to slap them, they make you laugh. And, even though I was laughing, I was sitting here thinking, "See? THIS is why I could never be in education." I would have come un-glued.

I'm not actually posting the clip, since you know - I'm all G rated and such. (Except for naked Doogies, which don't really count.) BUT THE LINK IS RIGHT HERE! (I would suggest you don't watch with your kids around.)

I'm going to have to sniff around that site and see if it's any good. I'll report back with my in depth critique once I get the answers.

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