Friday, January 23, 2009

SMA Friday

Don't get tired of these now... Hugh is SMA until next November!
Maybe this one will get Miss Martha on board!


Vern said...

Man, he is so yummy.

Martha said...

One can certainly appreciate the beauty on the bike without needing to become the bitch behind him.
Though I might consider that position, should you decide you can no longer fulfill your duties and responsibilities as Mrs. Jackman!

thanks for putting that smile on my face yet again!

Colleen O said...

If not Martha, maybe Dom?

Sitting in Silence said...

PMSL@ Martha

That is the funniest comment ever LMAO...xoxox

tz said...

oh my....sigh

Dodi said...

I'd be his bike bitch any day of the week. TZ can have the alternate days, of course.

How did he not get SMA every year before?