Friday, April 3, 2009


A reminder why we meet here every Friday:

I decided, back in November when People Magazine went to the trouble of agreeing with me on the fact that Hugh is the sexiest man alive, that I'd post a picture of him every Friday. Not only to remind you of my superior skills of choosing good looking men, but to perhaps see if it would get at all annoying. So far? Your comments lead me to believe that you're not annoyed. SMA Friday is my blog "thing", my hook, my signature move if you will. I'll miss him in November... pray to your Gods that we get a good SMA again next year - or the annoyance factor may prevail. (Note to Aimee: If it's Zac, the SMA Friday post goes to you for the duration of one year. I'm NOT posting Zac every Friday! No way, no how.)

Have a great weekend!


Vanessa said...

Not so much into the guys, but hope you have a great weekend.

(was about to hit publish, but thought I should clarify that, I'm into guys, but I just want the intelligent, well-adjusted, fun loving, great sense of humor, stable, animal loving, put up with my quirks guy. I know, I don't ask for much.

Martha said...

While I have enjoyed Mr. Jackman...I fear that a year of ZE would get old and creepy in about...2 weeks' of posting!

Vern said...

What I wouldn't give to play "7 Minutes in Heaven" at a birthday party with Hugh in attendance.

Holy eye candy.

Aimee said...

Okay Martha, I have posted two Tantalizing Tuesday's, are you annoyed yet???

Dodi, I will gladly take up SMA Friday's as long as it's "one of my men". You see....I am not tied down to just one, only the young and sexy will prevail!!! :)