Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Break 2009

(Disclaimer: This is a Mommy Post if there ever was one. Click to the next blog if you can't stomach the gross stuff.)

You know, I usually have high hopes for things we'll do when the girls are off of school for a little break. We didn't take a vacation this Spring Break, so I thought we'd do some fun stuff around here. A little adventure each day. We have fun museums, activity centers, shopping.... shouldn't be too hard to keep them entertained.

Sometimes a plan backfires.

Cue DD2's "lower intestinal irritation". (I abhor the "D" word.) It started last week on Thursday (the first snow-day off of school). It was bad enough that she needed quick access to a loo, not bad enough that she felt sick. She's really not sick enough to justify a trip to the doctor - but bad enough that by this Thursday we were pouring Imodium down her because the bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast weren't working. (Probably because I kept giving her yogurt, jam on her toast, un-toasted bread, and goldfish. Which don't sound that bad - but kept the whole intestinal festival alive! Plus? She won't touch rice unless it has a lemon sauce on it - citrus and sugar? Disaster.) We managed a movie on Tuesday, a shopping trip to ToysRUs on Wednesday, and a glamour outing on Friday - haircut, Claire's Boutique, and new outfit from Gymboree. (DD1 had a fun Friday too: spent the morning at an animal rescue farm in Parker with a friend and then she had a play date.) Other than that? Not much.

It wasn't the greatest Spring Break ever... but school is out in two months and what's more fun than Summer Break?????


Vanessa said...

I love the words "intestinal festival" and shall now start using them. I am having a little festival of my own despite the BRAT diet. Looking to the bright side, I've lost two pounds.

Martha said...

My younger child pronounced last night that this has been the worst track off ever! And, we've not even had any sort of Intestinal Issues to help him reach this conclusion.

Me thinks we are all just ready to say adios to this delayed wintery weather and move on to Summer break (and the opening of the pool!)

Dodi said...

No kidding! Winter weather during Spring Break did suck. They're wearing "new" sweaters to school today! (End of season bargains - meant for next winter. Oh well.)

I'm ready for warmth.