Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Was there an Easter last year?

So, Easter this year is the last "1st" we go through until the anniversary of my mom being gone. As I was getting some stuff ready the other day I was thinking... and for the life of me I couldn't figure out when Easter was last year. I couldn't remember IF there had been an Easter last year. I knew that I had gone in for my d&c and ovarian cyst on March 27th, that my mom had gone in to hospital April 2nd... but I also remember that there was an egg hunt at my parents house on Easter. How was that possible.

Was I remembering a different Easter? There were quite a few egg hunts at the grandparents house, a couple here... and frankly last Spring is a blur.

I called my friend, Julie (Gingerbread Julie), the other day. "When was Easter last year?" Neither one of us could remember.

Easter last year was on March 23rd. Before my "procedure" (during my difficult time) and before mom got sick.
There was an egg hunt at my parents house.
It was the last time my girls were with their Ammie before she died. Because once she got sick I didn't want their memory of her to be sad, I wanted their memory to be her on that fun day.

You'd think I'd have remembered that.


Anonymous said...

ps. I hope you find some laughs during this time of year for yourself.

I'd tell you one story but I have no idea if everyone can read!

Later gator.

Dodi said...

Everyone CAN read! Email me?

Vanessa said...

Maybe YOU don't remember the egg hunt, but maybe THEY do?