Friday, May 22, 2009

SMA Friday!

We interrupt this SMA Friday for an Announcement:
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I now return you to your previous post.
We get so busy on SMA Fridays looking at that Hot Hugh Jackman, that we forget there is a woman behind that man. A supportive, beautiful wife named Deborra-Lee Furness. Who is, perhaps, one of the luckiest women in the world.

Bloggers and friends, meet "the wife":


OHN said...

Is it okay that I think I hate her a little bit?

She is one lucky momma.

Colleen O said...

I don't see her. Where exactly? I was at safeway just yesterday (SMA Friday)and there he was in a swimsuit. Thanks for being there Hugh.

Dodi said...

It's OK to hate her, but just a little.

I'm just glad that she looks somewhat normal - not some waifish diva beyotch looking demon.

gulberg said...

its good to see that jackman's wife is"nt some bewitching beauty... seems like i ve got a chance after all.

OHN said...

I HAD to click to see what all those worldly people keep wanting to see. It might having something to do with Mr. Hugh's very well fitting jeans :)