Thursday, May 14, 2009


It's time for Dodi's Annual (sadly I admit that I have a garage sale practically every year) Springtime Garage Sale!

Come join us! Among the treasures you'll find:
Stuffed Animals!
Outdated Electronics!
All Things Dora! (Chinese lead included at NO EXTRA CHARGE!)
Care Bears!
Ugly Glassware!
Mildly tattered children's books!
Dress up clothes and used crap that everyone needs!

It's practically a carnival in my front yard!!

Seriously, though, I bitch about the garage sales when I'm getting ready for them... but we almost always have a good time during them. I always have a friend or two joining me for the day, selling their castoffs alongside mine. Neighborhood sisterwives drop by for a chat, people come from foreign lands - speaking the Spanish that remains elusive to me, Mrs. Kravitz joins us for laughs and giggles... it's (as I mentioned above) practically a carnival in my front yard! (OK, that might be stretching it... but it's usually not so bad.) We even managed to have fun last year, with my mother newly gone and GF's dad newly diagnosed with cancer. (GF is one of my tried and true Garage Sale Partners. AM used to join us, but then she rudely moved to Georgia and broke up the Flea Marketing Trio. Boo. Hiss.) This year it is GF's dad who is recently passed, and it's my turn to be there for her. (Although, and those of you who know her can attest, she is the strongest woman I know.) Even if she doesn't need a shoulder, I know we'll have lots of laughs.

Because it's going to be Garage Sale Day at Dodi's house.

Now... if anyone has any large, plastic outdoor toys? We need something to draw the buyers in... as Mrs. Kravitz (once again) has refused to offer a bikini car wash next door. She's killing our profits!


ganelle said...

I'm planning to come up for the Carnival. However, I will be so disappointed to miss Mrs. Kravitz in her bikini! (Really, the woman has had FIVE kids and looks better than just about anyone! So annoying!)

Sitting In Silence said...

Oh I love garage sales...

Best of luck !

Vanessa said...

So....Did you save me any Care Bears?

Dodi said...

Oh, Vanessa darling... you might regret asking that.

SIS: I liked garage sales fine, until this one.

Ganelle: I still blame her for the small profits.