Monday, May 18, 2009

What a beautiful day!

Imagine my surprise this morning when, on 9News I heard Becky Ditchfield talking about 90 degree weather!!! (That's 32 degrees for all of you heathens who follow the Celsius thermometer.)

No fights with my daughters this morning about what to wear! (Usually I'm loudly telling them, "yes, I know it's Springtime... but you're still going to have to wear jeans because it's cold outside!") Not today!!! Wanna wear your Summer clothes? Go for it. The only warning I had to give was, "You can wear any dress you want - but it is going to be windy so it might blow up on the playground." Other than that? They could go to school in anything but spaghetti straps and flip flops. (There is a dress code, after all.)

And what does Mom have planned for this beautiful day? Lunch with friends? No. A good book to be read outside under the shade of a beautiful tree? Wrong again.

Because I scheduled today to be carpet cleaning day. And not the kind where the man in uniform comes and takes care of it all for while I enjoy a latte and the newspaper. The kind where I break out our handy dandy steam cleaner for (please God) the last time, and tackle the family room carpet.

On the most beautiful day so far this year.
Because I'm all about good timing.


ganelle said...

See, and I spend a good chunk of the day at WalMart. Looks like I need to improve my timing as well!

Vanessa said...

But if you made the plan, you can change it, right?