Monday, November 1, 2010


The dog is doing fine. She's doing so great that she went out trick-or-treating with the girls and dad last night. One neighbor, someone who loves Siberian Huskies, thought she was about a year old - so I'd say the bounce is surely back in her step. (That and it must have been really dark outside... because while she certainly doesn't look like she's coming up on her 13th birthday, placing her in the "puppy" category is pushing it a little.)

The car (minivan) that the dealership fixed for free? You know, that isn't such a great bargain IF THEY DON'T ACTUALLY FIX THE CAR. Husband decided to drive it to the airport this morning... leaving me the dependable car just in case. Good thing he did, as the minivan overheated on the way to the airport, Husband had to let it cool down and bring it back home, and then the whole family piled in to the dependable car to first take Husband to the airport and then to drop the darling daughters off at school. (They were only 10 minutes late... GO US!) So, yeah. We'll be visiting the mechanic again later this week to see what's up. Really it was the "Luck of the Irish" that we decided he'd take the minivan this morning - or I'd be broken down on the side of the highway with Husband in a different city and two kids not delivered to school. (And, this probably goes without saying, but of course I didn't shower this morning - which would have added a nice trailer trash touch to the mommy/damsel in distress vibe.)

On the bright side, my dog is happy and healthier than she has been in quite a while.

Then there is all that other stuff. And, at the very least, it seems to be fortunate timing. Because of the darling daughters' Halloween haul I am certain that I have enough chocolate to get myself through this crisis.

Here's to the Luck of the Irish!


Rumour Miller said...

I wouldn't wish car trouble on anyone.

OHN said...

You have no idea how often I make the morning school run with pajamas under my coat, teeth not brushed......I know my luck WILL run out at some point and I will get stopped by one of husbands co-workers for speeding. (and yes, I probably would be guilty;)

tz said...

OHN, I too have made that run in pjs