Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sad news...

We're going car shopping today. Which in itself isn't so sad, but it means that we've reached the point where paying $2200 to (not a guarantee) fix the Minivan isn't really such a good investment anymore. ($800 in the Spring, $700 about 6 weeks ago... just crazy.)

So, Husband wants a truck. DD1 is coming with us today to do some test driving. Last night when we were driving home from picking Husband up at work she said something about going car shopping, and I said, "Actually, we're going truck shopping. Daddy wants a truck." She said, "Trucks aren't cars?" I said, "Well, they're different than cars." Then she said, "Oh right, like thumbs aren't fingers."

I love her.

Wish us luck!

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Rumour Miller said...

Smartie Pants!

Have fun!