Monday, November 29, 2010


The holiday weekend started on Tuesday night when the girls and I went downtown to see "Shrek: The Musical". So much fun - such a special girls night. Quiet Wednesday, cleaning up for company the next day - and then Thanksgiving! Husband's parents and brother were here (I seriously lucked out in the in-law department, his entire family is so great), and my brother's family was here with us. Special, because my niece from CA was here for the holiday and that they chose to share their family time with us was wonderful. The deep fried turkey was delicious, the pumpkin pie to die for. Friday we wound down, the girls and I got a late start but went to have lunch and spend the afternoon with my dad - their Papa. They love their Papa! Saturday DD1 and I went shopping (as DD2 has a birthday coming up on the 30th which she's been counting down the days towards since the middle of October)... followed by DD2's big birthday dinner. (Which I know is strange timing, since Saturday wasn't her birthday - but it was our last free evening until after the big day.) Sunday we just happened to have four tickets to the Bronco's game - so we bundled up and off we went! It's was DD2's first visit to Mile High, and we all had a pretty good time. (They now both HATE the Rams, who beat us... which is an OK sentiment with their dad.)

I was really sad that the holiday weekend was ending. So much to do packed in to five days. I was so very Thankful that it had been such effortless fun.

But today when we woke up there was snow on the ground, and now the house is cozy, warm, and so very quiet. I'm hanging out with my dog, mug of hot coffee in my hands... and I am very at peace. That doesn't happen to me very often, so I'm very thankful. It was a wonderful weekend, and now I need the quiet.

Yesterday I thanked God for creating my family, who I love so much.
Today I thank God for creating "quiet."


tz said...

wonderful post! Lovely.

cookievf said...

I've enjoyed your writing style these first couple-a posts and happy to have stumbled here by super random chance!

"losing baby jesus!" LOL

It was fun to see that we both posted "Yes, Virginia" (mine was on FB) - treasure the family times during the holidays (fewer and fewer seem to, these days), attend red sox games (watch football on TV) and I, too, am so thankful for quiet times spent "nesting." Hope you will drop in for a visit - xo