Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's on Twitter?

You know about Twitter, right. Where you get to share your thoughts in 140 characters or less? I don't have a lot of followers on Twitter, but I do follow over 50 people - 30 or so of them make me giggle every day. I also throw out some of my best thoughts on there, because it's easier than blogging... so in case you don't Tweet, here is what I haven't been blogging:

Dear @peoplemag, Ryan Reynolds is not sexy, he is "cute." There is a difference. Robert Downey Jr. is sexy. Please make note. Thank you.

I don't want to brag, but with those pancakes I made tonight I think Bobby Flay would be on the losing end of a throwdown.

At the checkout lane in the grocery store tonight: Husband, "I see the Kardashians are in trouble again." Daughter, "What's a Kardashian?"

I love when I put gas on the credit card, and then get an email that tells me I'm approaching my limit. For a $46 dollar balance?? Bwahaha!

How do I know for sure it's Monday? At 2:15pm I figure out my yoga pants are on inside out. And I've been out in public like that. Lovely.

Keith Partridge is SIXTY?? WTH???

Am re-reading Pride and Prejudice... sigh. I LOVE this story.

My children just returned home with more candy than I will EVER let them eat... operation "throw away a few pieces a day" starts in the am.

watching Hoarders while i clean house, find out it is an anxiety disorder? I am so screwed.

Dear Political Campaign Admins, I've already voted. Stop calling. 8am on a Tuesday, really?

Making homemade cinnamon applesauce with my 7 yo. She didn't know you could MAKE applesauce - so clearly I'm doing a good job there.

My husband, right this very minute, is watching TJ Hooker on TV. I wonder if he feels all "22" again?

I hear that the relaxing effect of chamomile tea is multiplied if you steep it in vodka.

I wish you guys could see my 7 year old popping her hip hop moves through my kitchen. Does she have to grow up, or can I pause here?

My daughter knows the words to an Eminem song? WTF? I guess she's done borrowing my iPod until she's 21.

Something I never pictured myself saying at 7:55am? "Get down off the kitchen chairs to practice ballet."

Beginning to understand why boarding schools are so popular, and why they start to send kids around age 11.

I saw Kathie Lee on Today earlier. If she's going to do that to her face, she's gonna need to pay more attention to her hair.

Tomorrow is Tuesday:Psychologist day.Where she reminds me to listen to my snarky inner bitch & leave the guilt behind. Worth. Every. Penny.

my 5th grader reported some kissing that was going on to a teacher today. (she tattled on 2 other kids.) High 5 me for raising "that girl"!!

I like holding the door for people who are far away, you know... so they have to run a little!

Black nail polish seemed like GREAT idea - till I tried to remove it. Now looks like I've been changing oil on the car. Not worth the cute.

talking about vacations with hubby yesterday, asked "Remember our honeymoon?" His response, "No, not really." Slapped him.

I love Friday. I want to take Friday out for coffee and catch up, we don't see nearly enough of each other.

How is it possible, with a nose the size of mine, that it is the only body part I missed with the sunscreen??

So there, in a nutshell, is an example of things I don't blog because I feel like there isn't enough story there to write about... although no one ever said that a blog entry had to be a certain length, did they?


Jessica Gottlieb said...

Keith Partridge is SIXTY?

That's crazy, I'm still thinking I'm 23...

ganelle said...

You always make me laugh!

tz said...

hahahha, omg, part of me KNOWS i can't start doing another social network thing, I'll never, ever get off the computer.