Sunday, May 1, 2011

Life advice for the future

My daughter doesn't understand why we won't let her dance on the dining room table.

I told her that when the Lord gives you a daughter, one of the agreements is you do everything you can to keep them from dancing on ANY tables - at ANY time in their (hopefully long and wholesome) lives.

Sure, it makes no sense to her now - but perhaps when she's 20 she'll remember that really confusing conversation with mom one morning when she was 8. Mom was looking for the coffee filters and saying something about never dancing on tables.

Never Ever.


ganelle said...

THAT is why I adore you!!!

tz said...

we so need to get started on our parenting book!

Kayla ♥ Katastrophe said...

That's amazing.
I'm not a mother, but I love your blog. I think that reading it kind of prepares me for the future in a way. And there is no way I'll be having my future daughter dancing on tables either.