Saturday, May 14, 2011

Short Term Memory Kerfluffle

So I don't believe I've every discussed this on the blog, I'm on a medication for anxiety. It works well... between the medication, my learning how to meditate, and seeing a behavioral therapist I'm feeling a lot better about everything. Miles from where I was a year ago - waiting to find out if I had MS and finding out it's just a crippling case of anxiety and my panic attacks are "unusual" to say the least. (And yes, I'm blessed that it's only anxiety... that much I am thankful for - that and the wisdom of the neurologist that spent time making the diagnosis.)

Heck, I even felt like I could take on a job... and I'm liking it.

The medication does have some drawbacks, however. In that it messes with my short term memory. (Which wasn't that perfect to begin with, truth be told.)

For example, I had to call my husband last week because... well, "because" is inferred in the conversation that follows:

D: "Hi, it's me. You're picking up DD1 from Girl Scouts today so I can do what?"
Husband (who is WAY too used to this kind of phone call): "I'm picking up DD1 from DANCE today so you can go pick up the dog's medication."
D: "Oh. Hmmmm. Yep, thats it."

Yea. Good thing I happen to remember all the great movie lines from when I was in my 20's, but parts of my present life are a complete mystery to me.

(I do wonder if I'll suddenly remember about the kids schedule and dog's medication in 10 years, when it isn't short term memory anymore - but won't be at all useful? Wouldn't that be handy? Is that how memory works... ?)


Martha said...

good thing your job is a virtual/work from home gig...imagine if you were a nurse...and found the rectal thermometer tucked behind your ear and you go "now, where did I leave my pen?". Ok: old joke...and still korny! Hang in there xoxoxo

tz said...

martha..old but funny joke...I am constantly finding myself at the fridge wondering what I was looking for or attempting to put the milk away in the are not alone

Sharyn said...

I had a comment on the tip of my tongue but I forgot what I was going to say... Maybe it'll come to me.

Anonymous said...

{{{Dodi}}} :) I have short term memory too but my doc says its because of my stress...I need to reduce my stress. (riiiiiight....Im trying but a new job is hard to find right now..LOL)

AIDA Jerusalem said...

Hey I have the same problem. I have to write everything down, make a list or I just cannot function. I have been on anxiety meds for a over a year now. I never knew it could be a side effect. It all makes sense now! Thaks for posting that!