Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Parent and child

DD1 and I were goofing around this afternoon before picking up DD2 from preschool. She is so much fun to hang out with. We were taking goofy pictures with my cell phone.
The funny thing is, when my daughters are together they bicker and I get so frustrated. But, apart, they are way fun and cute and a blast to be with. Why do they have to argue and annoy each other so much? When I try to spend time with them individually the other gets jealous - even though I go out of my way to keep things fair.
I hope this doesn't last forever - I'd love for them to be great friends when they grow up. Who else will they be able to call when I'm old, sort of senile, and rather unkind? ("Oh God, guess what Mom said to me the other day....") I have three sisters, and it's a good thing because my mom isn't really getting any "nicer" as she gets older, if you know what I mean! (We love her dearly, but she is such a cranky old woman lately! If I didn't have them and my two brothers to laugh with I don't know what I'd do.)
Parents. I love mine, and I wouldn't trade them for anything. They are both 80 years old, certainly showing their age, and we are truly lucky to have had them in our lives for this long. I really do count them in my blessings, and try to take their "remarks" lightheartedly. But, I'm not sure I could laugh so openly about them with others who weren't their children also. Because seriously, when we're laughing about the things they do or say, we aren't really being critical and mean - we're processing it so we don't need to pay for therapy our entire adult lives.
How does an only child cope?

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