Thursday, February 15, 2007

An update to Daughter's first crush...

OK, the big Valentine's Day party was yesterday at school. I went to help out, and hung out with DD1 while she opened her valentines. Guess whose valentine was missing? M. She noticed right away (as I supppose she had scoped out what his valentines looked like so she could read his FIRST). Oh My God, she was crushed. I told her that he probably got confused when putting them in to the bags, and probably someone else had two of his valentines by mistake. Her teacher noticed her tears, and I told her what was up. (Teacher knows the situation) She looked at me and smiled, "Of all the ones to be missing!" Then she went over to M to see if he had any extras. He brought one over to DD1, and she lit up like sunshine.

Oh, the drama.

Oh, how I do love her.

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