Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Do you read The QC Report?

OK, if you have children and they have ever been sick you MUST read this blog entry on the QC Report.

She is a wonderful writer! This post had me laughing out loud.


tz said...

OMG she's funny...did you read her whole 'backgrounds' on all the people in the lilly catalogue...that was hysterical.

she writes like i think...but i can't seem to get it on paper like that!

Dodi said...

I've been reading her blog for about a year now. She is a wonderful writer - and so funny. You're correct in saying that "she writes like I think." but, I'm not NEARLY as clever as her.

She's writing a book. I can't wait!

Martha said...

Yeah...someone knew to read and surf while the boys and I wait for the sun to rise here in CA.