Friday, October 26, 2007

Never going to be a morning person

OK, I don't really get this whole "morning person" vs. "night owl" thing. See, I've never been a morning person, but as I get older the "night owl" has also vanished from my personality. How can that be? Is there a classification called, "Really more middle of the day, even better with a nap" kind of person?

I got up this morning, and it's my day to drive the carpool to the tech center. (You know, in lieu of a private school, or moving to the area in question) I was REALLY sleepy, so I hopped in the shower hoping it would wake me up. It didn't, really, but at least the shower was out of the way.

Problem is, I'm so used to taking my shower later in the morning (or early afternoon - as those of you who know me are going to shout is the real truth), now I keep looking at the clock thinking, "I have got to shower before DH gets home." Then it hits me, I've already showered.

Early onset Alzheimer's, or just 42 and confused?

Anyway, the moral of the story is that it never pays to get going too early in the morning. It just throws off the entire day.


Sitting in Silence said...

Hear Hear....The entire day !!!...
<<< Not a morning person either !!
P.S...Your e-bay is going off !!!
D x

tz said...

um...such a morning person myself i could be considered a night person...(not unheard of for me to wake up 3-4am...)
but then i fall asleep at 8

and i am having so many more alzeimer moments the older i get!

even if it's not yet 40 hahaha, ok, i can only do that for 9 more months!