Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hopefully she'll recover from the shock

DD1 loves banana chocolate chip muffins. Love may not be a strong enough word.

I had some aging bananas on the counter, and after she went to bed the other night I thought, “hmmm, I’ll bet she’d love it if I surprised her with banana chocolate chip muffins in the morning.” (DH is out of town, so I don’t have anyone to talk me out of it.) So I start down the list of muffin ingredients. Flour, sugar, vanilla, and eggs. Those are a given. We always have those. And baking soda, another staple. Butter? We’re out. We do have some Crisco though, so that’ll work… and what is that behind the Crisco? Brown sugar, and it’s soft!. Rock on! Mashed bananas? My bananas are getting so old they’ve practically mashed themselves. Why don’t I bake more? I seem to have all the ingredients. Chocolate chips? Well, hey look at that – right there in the pantry of doom. Who’d of thought? Baking powder. Oh. Problem. Can’t I just use more baking soda? Suppose they probably wouldn’t have listed it separately if it didn’t really matter. The odds of me having baking powder? Not great. I’m just going to rummage in the cupboard above the stove… HEY! I have Baking Powder! And it’s in a can that has never even been opened.

The Gods are smiling down on the Morrison household – all the ingredients are here in my house. I would have never believed it, I can actually bake something without making a special trip to the store. Now, some of you may take things like this for granted… but some of you don’t live in my world. My world is never so simple.

I bake up the muffins.

They turn out perfectly. (Another thing that wasn’t a foregone conclusion!)

DD1 wakes up in the morning and is totally thrilled by her breakfast surprise. (DD2 hates muffins on general principal, which is weird for her since they are composed of refined carbohydrates. Her main food group.)

DD1: “Mom, I didn’t even see you buying muffin mix at the store.”
Me: “I didn’t have to. I actually baked them from scratch.”
DD1: “No, these are good.”
Me: “Thank you. I really did make them myself.”
DD1: “Well, it’s good. You need to get some more of that muffin mix.”

Martha Stewart? No.
Me? Yes. And even I can make some darn good muffins if I just stop to look around the kitchen once in a while.


Sitting in Silence said...

Go The Banana Muffins...

Sounds like you have a great bunch of woman in your neighbour hood.....

D x

Martha said...

Yummy...are there any left?
I'll be right over!

Aimee said...

I would have been okay except for the whole baking process. I personally like the pre-baked, pre-processed, carb and sodium filled ones you can get at the store. I normally forget some major ingredient like eggs!!

But way to go for you!!!!

tz said...

i miss baking! pretty darn funny dd still thinks it's a mix! they must have been really good!

tz said...

i miss baking! pretty darn funny dd still thinks it's a mix! they must have been really good!

Colleen Dobson said...

no really! I'm about 50/50 just on burning things, (let alone all the other cooking mistakes I can make). Did you pray to the mighty wiccan goddess of baked goods?

tz said...

hey how did my comment get on their twice...

oh, yeah, the wiccan stuff...does your muffin holder have thirteen tins in it???? have you been doing sacrifices to the domestic goddess, martha stewart in hopes that your baking will be better?

Dodi said...

OH MY GOD, that is a fabulous idea! A Wiccan Muffin Pan! GENIUS, girl.

I sacrificed about 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies to Martha Stewart, Goddess-of-the-Gourmet-Kitchen-and-Organized-Linen-Closet just this weekend. Yum!