Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Fundraisers start early in Cherry Creek!

DD2 is doing a preschool fund raiser? Who knew about these? Have preschools in CC always done fundraising?

Anyway, at least it's a good one. It's........ (drum roll please)............


Butter Braids are so yummy and gooey and delicious. The perfect treat when you have the neighbors over for coffee. Also, the holidays are coming up - nothing impresses a mother-in-law more than a freshly baked pastry for breakfast or brunch. How about a new Thanksgiving dessert tradition? Hey, maybe you could try leaving something original for Santa this year? The possibilities are endless!

Anyone need to stock up? I could mail to Aussie, but they'll probably thaw and spoil on the way! (Plus, I don't think they make a Vegemite Butter Braid!) I think I have a week or two to take orders. I'll even have DD2 bring the order form around to you for signing.

Big Love!


Martha said...

yeah baby, who loves 'da butter braids? I do I do.

And yes, when the Things went to CC preschool, they were given the same fundraising opportunities as those kids in the regular school that hosts the PTO. And knowing exactly where DD2 goes to school, I am guessing that school could use a little boost to their fundraising efforts. Besides, I have fond memories of Thing One going there: it was where someone finally noticed him and started helping him come out of his quirky little shell.

We'll be home tomorrow afternoon..

Dodi said...

Yea! Thank you! I had her IEP meeting yesterday, and they are really paying a lot of attention to her needs this year. Her IEP is way more intense this year, and she even had PT services added on top of OT and Speech. (They are qualifying her under speech, because I guess OT effects speech and language. You'd know more about this!) And, yes, this is a school that can use all the $ it can get.

I'll call you.

tz said...

I'll order's that time of year and even though i still have a couple in the fridge...from whatever fundraiser mine just had i can always use another...

Colleen Dobson said...

I'm fresh out too! - Blueberry and cream cheese me.