Thursday, August 28, 2008

Know what would go great with that outfit? Spinning Rims!

OK, lets be honest. This season, so far, has not lived up to previous seasons. Even the judges are making fun of the contestants’ designs. Remember the good old days of Season 1, back when Michael Kors actually used to give constructive criticism? Now it’s all mocking and laughing and the Bitch is snarky! Who knew that Michael Kors was a mean girl? Plus? I can’t believe he outed his aunt’s bad bar mitzvah style choices. Bet his $10 birthday check gets lost in the mail this year.

Now, let’s begin.

I think it’s funny that they’re all expecting they they are going on a field trip to see Mariah Carrey or something/someone glam and fabulous. Even when they see it’s a parking garage they cross their fingers that they’re on their way to a hot party. It’s a GARAGE people, even I saw seat belts and Saturn coming. (They ARE a sponsor.) I was relieved, however, when Tim didn’t hand out exacto knives for slicing up the interior. Oh, and how about the shirt that the designer from Saturn chose to wear for his national television debut? Somebody grab that man a stylist.

I do LOVE this challenge. It hearkens back to Flower Power in Season 2, and Waste Not Want Not from Season 3. This could be a good one for creativity. It is original and fun. Car parts. What could be less fashionable? Of course, Joe is all over the manliness of the challenge. Drag Queens and carburetors. He’s the man! Also, Kenley might be smart, but to listen to her talk you’d never catch on.

OhOhOHHH! Suede just said “I”. (Ha Ha Ha.) Inconsistent pronoun foul: No immunity for YOU this week. It’s first person or third… consistency points will be awarded.

LeAnn doesn’t have a clue what to create for this challenge. I smell a winner!!! Maybe the meek really shall inherit the earth?

Who pissed off Keith? Is he pouting about the judicial mocking he inspired last week? It was his own damn fault – he’s a one trick pony. What a cry baby.

Suede thinks Whackadoodle is the new Girlicious. Never. I do have an embarrassing admission to make, however. “Holla” is now part of my vocabulary and I HATE Tanboi for that. I holla bad words in his general direction!

Ironic that we are presented with a challenge where they were given leather to work with, and Stella feels the need to go in a new direction.

Kenley is using air filters and it’s genius. I find her whining about having to change models absurd. Shoot, she could accordion fold a paper towel to fill in the gap in the back and the judges wouldn’t notice. “Shanon bailed on me and I’m pissed.” Perhaps Shanon had a death in the family? Kenley? Is kind of a needy bitch who bugs.

Jerell seems very inspired tonight. See, Keith? They laughed out loud and Jerell’s Little Bo Peep outfit and he didn’t let that get him down. Suck it up, baby.

WTF is LeAnn making? Her outfit may involve a ball gag at some point.

Terry and Korto crack me up. I love how they can tease each other.

Stella’s boyfriend is named Ratbones. “Hi Mom, Dad…. This is my new boyfriend, Ratbones.” Yea, I can’t see it. I see she must have found something to use as a grommet though cause she's pounding away. She's nothing if not reliable, pounding in the corner week after week.

Keith? Is a dick. His garment is falling apart at the seams and he’s all like, “I gave her one small task…” Tissue?


Ohhh, Laura is here tonight! Fun.
Rachel Zoe? Ick.

Jerell: Very futuristic. Styled correctly. I like it.
Keith: BORING. He said it’s pretty well constructed. Ha Ha. It’s falling apart, dude.
Terri: Hard edge, biker chick outfit. It is very cool.
Kenley: I don’t love this. It’s just OK. It is original.
LeAnn: Wow. That dress looks amazing.
Suede: The top is fabulous. Very cute. I hate that I like it.
Korto: that jacket is DARLING. If it were a little less bulky it would be enviable.
Blayne: I don’t think it’s horrible, but the bottom reminds me of a mop.
Joe: Looks like something a JV Cheerleader from some high school in New Jersey might wear on game night.
Stella: It doesn’t match. The pieces are fine, but they don’t go together.

Terri, Suede, Joe and Kenley are safe.

I love this part. “Let’s bring out your models.”

Rachel, “Quite Amazing.”
Michael, really liked it.
Heidi thought it was very exciting.

Laura, likes the idea, but not the fit.
Michael is not a car wash skirt fan. LOL.
Rachel, wishes it was shorter.
Heidi mentions that Blayne has doomed himself to 7 years with no sex for breaking a mirror. (She’s got your back, boy)

Laura, great shape.
Rachel wants to walk out the door in it. So chic.
Michael it’s elegant.

Michael thinks the silhouette is fabulous and it is crafted beautifully.
Rachel is blown away. She LOVES this dress. Flawless.
Laura, likes the shape.

Laura, doesn’t seem to go together.
Michael, it looks random.

Rachel, disses on the back. Was that gap intentional?
Laura, there is no concept.
Michael and Keith now have words. Even though we all want it to go to a cat fight, Michael puts it into perspective. Keith looks shamed.

Winner: LeAnn
Auffed: Keith (Buh Bye)

Notes: Of my original list of designers that I thought might make it to the end this year? Only Joe and Kenley are left. Boy, did I get the wrong first impression! Now I think the top four are Korto, Suede (Gahhhh), Terri, and Kenley. Perhaps Jerell, but I don’t think the other’s have what it takes to make it in the long run. We’ll see…. I was more than a little wrong earlier in the season! I thought Kelli was brilliant. Holla!


Hannah said...

Great recap!

And I'm with you on "holla" becoming part of my vocabulary. Did you know that it's used a lot in Shakespeare? I just got finished doing a production of "Taming of the Shrew", and between that and Blayne I'm saying "holla" constantly.

barbiefish said...

THANK YOU for making the point about Jerrell not getting down about his less-than-stellar Olympic outfit, vs. Keith obsessing over the digs judges took at his drag queen outfit. Jerrell has a good attitude; Keith was a world-class whiner and delusional if he didn't realize how lucky he was that his sucky DQ dress didn't get him aufed.

Dodi said...

Right? Jerell displays the thick skin that they are going to need out there - because 90% of the people are going to hate their designs sometimes.

HOLLA at ya Jerell!