Friday, December 26, 2008

My friend, Julie

My friend Julie and her family have a gingerbread-house party every December. They have been doing this since DD1 was almost two years old... and it has become one of the firm holiday traditions in our year. It has become a Schwartz Family tradition, and it seems to get a little bit bigger every year. I've run in to sorority sisters from college with their kids, old co-workers with their little ones, and we have a great time every year. The Schwartz family are some of our dearest friends, Rob was best man at our wedding and is DD2's fairy Godfather, and Julie & I have now been friends for almost 15 years. They have added a tremendous amount of love to our lives, and we are so happy to be included in their annual Gingerbread festivities.

The first year, Julie decided that her daughter would invite 5 friends to a party to decorate gingerbread houses. Julie's daughter was 3 1/2 that year, DD1 was a month away from being 2... and the girls were ages in-between. The moms had a fun day that day, I had never actually decorated a gingerbread house, so it OK with me that mostly what DD1 wanted to do was eat the candy and play with the other kids. Julie read them a Christmas story, and it was a warm and happy winter day. Who would have guessed that a few years later 9News would cover the event for a story on TV with interviews of Julie and Rob's kids. If you look VERY closely when they are interviewing their daughter, you can see DD2 on her left - our right. DD1 is also there, but not as easy to see.

(If it takes too long to load, you can CLICK HERE to go to the 9News site and see it there.)

EDIT: I took the embedded video out since I could not get it to work at all. BLOGGER!!!! Just click above to watch. :)


OHN said...

It looks like a GREAT time! Loud but great :)

Vanessa said...

What a FUN tradition!

Colleen O said...

We do a mini- mini Dobson version of that, and Abi's house looks EXACTLY like the one with the licorce ropes dripping off the roof!

tz said...

I couldn't get it to open! We do a mini version of that here too...but usually it's with jason being a perfectionist and groaning a lot and me cleaning up a mess, not this really cool mom stuff like reading the christmas story and making it so picturesque that nine news would want to video tape...more like social services would want to investigate

great, now I suck as a mom

have a fantastic new year! loved chatting w/ you yesterday!