Tuesday, December 2, 2008

She's growing up!

You had a birthday on Sunday. You are six years old.

Six is a magic age. Six cannot be counted on one hand, so now you need two hands to count how old you are. That is probably not as traumatic as it feels to me!

You have come a long way in your six years. We started with some feeding troubles during your first days, to discovering your quirky physical development and your sensory difficulties. We have worked on those ever since you were quite small – and I think you’ve made some great strides in living with your particular difficulties. (Now, if only we could do something about the falling! I’m not sure your little head can take many more traumas like the last two you’ve had!)

You are funny. You are really, really funny. You are already showing a quick wit, which makes me smile. One thing I have always liked about myself is that I can make people laugh. I’m glad you’ll have that for yourself too. You also have a temper, my little darling! You are quick to get mad, and can hold a grudge – although this has mellowed in your time here with us mortals. When you were a toddler you could seriously avoid anyone who had “wronged” you for weeks at a time. (Even me, although you couldn’t avoid me, you did stop being huggy and cuddly when you were mad at me. Your sister was all “Lets kiss and make up” after we had had a difficulty. You? Could have cared less about making up! You are sweeter about this now.) You are good with numbers, and we wonder if math will be your strong suit. Your imagination is amazing, and you like art. Wonderfully, though, so much of you is still a mystery at six!

I remember being six. In fact, that is when most of my childhood memories start becoming clearer – before that was fuzzier as if I’m not sure I remember things or just heard about them… but I remember being six. There is a poem by A. A. Milne that ends with the line, “But now I am Six, I'm as clever as clever. So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever.” It was my favorite poem when I was your age… and now as a mom I sort of have the same feeling all over again. Sometimes I wish you could stay six for ever and ever.

I love you my darling angel!


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ganelle said...

Darling pics!!!

Sitting in Silence said...

Happy birthday sweetheart...what a little doll....

Serious you will need a shot gun....I swear she is the next covergirl xoxoxo