Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Office Christmas Party 2008

Ok, here’s my story…

Husband’s office holiday party was last night.

Good news: Maggiano’s! Yum.
Bad news: My new boots (which are SOOOOOO cute) were killing my ankles, which was unexpected.

Good news: In this rough economic time the managers of the Rocky Mountain Region decided to all get together and pay for a dinner out for their employees – even though the Company wouldn’t be reimbursing them because of a “no holiday party” edict this year. Which is pretty cool.
Bad news: Traffic getting there was BRUTAL, as it was the downtown location. Husband blamed the traffic on the Neil Diamond concert that was at the Pepsi Center. (Umm, Neil Diamond? I think maybe not.)

Good news: Good hair night for Dodi!
Bad news: that didn’t last long.

Good news: The drinks were delicious.
Bad news: They were also very cold, as I discovered when someone was walking behind me at the exact time my darling husband was gesturing grandly with his hands (jazz hands may have been involved) – thus knocking the drink from co-workers hand all over my back. I shit you not, I was soaked from the hair down.

(I was MORTIFIED, and tried my best to laugh it off. Made joke about spilling red wine all over husband when we were dating and him having waited 14 years for the correct payback... but I’m not the most secure person in a social situation where I don’t know but maybe 2 other people in the room – so to have the random Sales guy blotting my back with a towel while I try to wring out my hair with cocktail napkins was so not boosting my confidence.)

Good news: I now had an ice-breaker when talking to new people.
Bad news: Standing with your back to the wall so people don’t see your disastrous wet half doesn’t make for good social mixing.

Good news: It wasn’t a daiquiri, or some other bright red drink.
Bad news: Am now “that girl.” As in, “Remember that girl who ended up with a martini all over her at the Christmas party?”

I wasn’t even drinking! And the gin totally masked the perfume I had so carefully chosen for the evening.

However, Luck of the Irish was with me… better my back than my front, yes?


Anonymous said...

Bad news: Am now “that girl.”

It's ok - after all, you're married to "that guy". ;-)

Martha said...

She's married to him for now...should Mr. Jackman call, I understand all bets are off!

Maggianos...oh, I want to go with you next time...remember when we went there for someone's 40th and was it the birthday girl or her sassy friend who tricked some stalkers into thinking Ludicris was in the limo that we just got out of?
Good times indeed...

I should really talk to Hubby's people and find out when they heck we get a Holiday Party at Maggianos? :)

tz said...

hey, how about meeting you husbands new co-workers right after your baby pukes all over you...that was fun...that and the post partum tears and a band new move to kansas city....I was a freaking mess

we never got invited back by the way hahaha oh well, im here now with friends such as you and the othe park view mommies...

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Yes. Better your back than your front. That's a tough one, but it sounds like you handled it well.

tz said...

would that be the luck of the 'black irish'

Dodi said...

Black Irish indeed! Thus completing my requirements to truly be the BLACK sheep of the family!

Vanessa said...

Yes, so much better than your front! At least you have a whole year to wordsmith your come back for next years party when everyone remembers you as "that girl".

Vern said...

I thought you said you'd put glitter on your rack, not wine down your back!! Seriously though, don't tempt me. I am THIS close to showing up on your doorstep with some glitter and coors light to take you up on your offer. I'll bring Ganelle - it'll be a party!