Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Who can take the ugliest holiday photos?

OK, usually I know we try to get lovely, warm, happy photos at holiday time. This year, lets change the rules. Butt shots of Aunt Velma, eyes closed Uncle Billy, and mouth-full-of-food neighbors are what we are looking for this year. Send your worst shots to me, and we'll have a contest the weekend of January 3rd.

Here are some ideas for shooting that may help you*

  • Blind your friend with your flash, then run up close and start shooting photos up their nose.

  • Throw something at your brother’s feet, then photograph his double chin when he looks down. (Considering extra points for catching his bald spot before he looks up again!)

  • Turn off the red-eye reduction function on your camera so your subject gets the “devil eyes.”

  • Set your camera on the highest shutter speed possible to capture every tiny unflattering movement. Mwa ha ha ha HA!

Please note on the photo if you would like the eyes of subject blacked out so no one can recognize them. You never know who's future political career might be ruined by one photo on a relatively unknown blog.

*This list of shooting ideas has been adapted from a site I belong to called Photojojo... and the recommendations were originally for a "Festivus" photo competition. All the major holiday get togethers, though, would benefit from the above.

Most importantly: HAVE FUN!

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

My Mom gets devil eyes with no cameras around, so I won't sear your eyes with her photo. Great idea though. I'll see what I can capture without my camera being hurt.