Friday, March 6, 2009

SMA Friday!!

Holy Cow, how long was this week? Right? We need a little something extra with our SMA this week! See, this is a guy you can love. He is a dad, he's cute, he's sexy... and he is the kind of man who would appreciate that you took the time to not only lather and rinse - but to repeat. He'd appreciate the repeat, and I know that matters to some of us. (Yes Amy?)
He's practically perfect in every way!


OHN said...

I think I found some competition for our guy.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan--holy cow. I am not sure, but I think when I saw him interviewed on TV during lunch today....I think he winked at me.

I think I need to give him his own day of the week.

Dodi said...

I know who that is!! He's dreamy... the only thing I think might still help Hugh keep his ranking with me is the Aussie accent. SUCKER for a man with an accent.