Thursday, March 12, 2009

Too lazy to blog? Is there a pill for that?

Funny posting has been slow this month. But, if I was blogging about good stuff, here is what I'd be blogging about:

REALLY funny picture of DD1 and her "scooter gear." Need a new card reader to get it off my camera.

It doesn't matter how bored you are being home sick from school for days on end... it is NEVER OK for a nine year old child to draw all over the phone with a Sharpie.

Is "9" some sort of magic age where children start testing out their "lying" and "sneaky" skills to get out of trouble? Because, seriously? It would have been easier to just admit you made the mess and wipe the lake of water off the bathroom counter than to lie about it and be punished... right?

I had forgotten that six-year-olds smile back at you when they are being yelled at - which infuriated me the first time around and now is a vicious reminder of how much I've forgotten about my kids' childhoods already.

How can a child go from eating nothing but refined carbohydrates to asking for apples and strawberries 5 times a day? Not that I'm complaining -but it does create more work for me. I'm going to have to work a lot harder to qualify as Worst Mother of the Year if she cuts her empty calories any further.

OK, you know how when your child says something funny and you laugh and then they repeat it about a thousand times over then next four days expecting the same reaction? Well... it's really funny when you do it BACK at them. DD1 was all, like, "Mom, that's NOT FUNNY ANYMORE." I still laughed every single time, just because she got that look on her face. It's good to be the tormentor!

There is a film canister (with unused film in it) that has been in our fridge for over 9 years. We even put it in the new fridge last fall when it arrived.


So, go ahead and flesh these starting points out in your head. Imagine how funny my stories about these would be... I may get back to them. I WILL have to post the picture I mentioned above at some point because I have family that read the blog, and they'll appreciate it.


OHN said...

Yes..age 9 is when the lying starts, that continues till they are about 12 and start mumbling then that progresses to 14 where they add attitude to the mumbling.

Right now, I am remembering why I blocked out my two oldest at 14.

Martha said...

Now, should you ever use the film, the real issue will be finding somewhere to get it developed.

Your little angels lie, smirk and sneak around? I tell you: blink and they'll be ditchin' school, sneaking smokes and sippin' Boones Farm Behind the Safeway.

ganelle said...

I do think 9 is some magic number for those behaviors. I just hope that OHN is horribly wrong when she describe where to go from here!

Sitting In Silence said...

Oh I missssssssss that age....Stumpy is never ever growing up !

Mrs. Kravitz said...

You being the tormentor... you seem to be at that 9 year old stage too -- the boy version. That's what we're all about at our house. I would like to hear her reasoning for redecorating the phone with the sharpie. Hang in there!:)