Monday, June 1, 2009

What are they thinking?

So, I'm helping out in kindergarten last Thursday, and I'm working on Antonyms with the kids. (That's Opposite words for those of you too far out of elementary school - which is the only place you will ever hear about them.)

A little boy turns to me and asks, "Have you mated?"

My jaw hit the floor.

Me: "I'm sorry, have I what?"

him: "You know, MATED?" (This time louder - because I'm obviously deaf.)

Me: "Ummmm, I heard what you said... but I'm still not understanding what you are asking me. What does that word mean?"

him: (shrugs his shoulders)

Little girl next to him: "You know, do you have a HUSBAND?" (delivered in a tone that infers I'm somewhat of an idiot.)

Me: (mortified) "Oh. Yes. Yes, I do. I have, indeed, mated."

(OK, admit it - you went there in your head too!)


ganelle said...

Yeah, I've mated in shower, on the beach and ....

WAIT! I mean, I meet my husband at a nice mormom college, thankyouverymuch!

Rumour Miller said...

Oh that is classic.

Vanessa said...

Gotta love what kids say sometimes! You can't make this up its so good.