Friday, June 26, 2009

I know, I'm late for....


Missed one or two of them, haven't I???

Today I just couldn't decide - should I go ahead with SMA Friday, or write a post about what a weird week it's been.? A week that not one, or two, but THREE entertainment icons have passed away.

Tuesday it was Ed McMahon. Some may not think of Ed McMahon as an icon - but I do. He and Johnny Carson were late night television at it's finest. If you were a child in the 70's, and were staying awake in your bed at night, you knew it was LATE if you heard the TV start playing the theme music to The Tonight Show. There was a coziness in hearing that music, seeing the bluish light flickering under the bedroom door... mom and dad were in bed, and it really was time to go to sleep. Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon were a late night comedy duo more famous than David Letterman and Paul Shaffer, and they created the chemistry all late night talk shows try to emulate. If you are too young to remember Johnny and Ed, perhaps you remember Ed McMahon and the Publishers Clearing House giveaway? Again, iconic stuff. Ed had some financial troubles these past few years, and I wished for him to find peace. After a career of that length he deserved some peace. I truly hope God provides that for him now. Blessings to his wife and family, a loss like that will be earth shattering for them.

Thursday morning we lost Farrah Fawcett. Charlie's prettiest angel, the angel with the coolest car... the angel that every boy and teenager I knew had a poster of on their wall. She took a mediocre swimsuit and made it in to the sexiest thing most men had ever seen - she was gorgeous. She was 29 years old when that picture was taken - think about that. That poster came out in 1976. She was 29 years old. All the "it" girls now are under 21... tells you where we are as a society, yes? At the age of 29 she was the sexiest thing boys and men had ever seen - that would probably never happen now. No actress starts her career at almost 30 years old. If you haven't made it by then these days you don't have a chance. That poster made her an icon a full year before Charlie's Angels brought her in to our homes every week as Jill Munroe. Her personal life was all over the map of happy and troubled. I saddens me that her last couple of years were physically and mentally so painful for her. No one should have to struggle with all of that chaos and sickness. I sincerely hope she will rest in the peace, and that her son will find a peace of his own making in her honor.

Then, more unexpectedly than the others, we heard that Michael Jackson had passed away on Thursday afternoon. Hearing that Michael Jackson had died was, to our generation, probably much like hearing that Elvis had died to the generation before us. Michael Jackson was the music of my late high school and early college years. "Thriller" was one of the most amazing albums ever made - and the boy was GIFTED in the music video department. MTV was just hitting it's stride, and Michael Jackson had found his place in the world. All was right with the music universe. The follow up album, "Bad", was also good - although I don't think it was possible to top "Thriller". Everyone who was of a certain age in the early and mid 80's knew that one guy who always wore a red and black jacket and one glove - convinced he WAS Michael. He could dance like Michael, do his hair like Michael, tweak his voice like Michael... you remember him? He was at all the talent shows! Michael was, is, and always will be one of the greatest musical icons that has ever lived. Before he was the freak show he became in the late 90's, he was the personification of "it". He changed the world. I send him my heartfelt "thanks" for the music that accompanies so many of the fun memories from a wonderful time in my life. May God bless him and keep him, heal his pain and confusion, and send comfort to those who were caused pain by the craziness and strangeness that was Michael Jackson's life. I hope their pain is gone now.

But, in keeping with tradition... this IS SMA Friday... here's a little Hugh to lift your spirits. A kinder, gentler Hugh. (Did you even think that was possible?)



ganelle said...

You were so much nicer than I was! See, PROOF that you are a better person than me!

OHN said...

MJ was the one that shocked me most. I still am shocked to some extent.

I DO remember when Elvis died. I was in college, sitting at my apartment watching General Hospital when they interrupted the show with the news. (I am kinda stuck between the two generations;)

I read someone wrote that Ed M had to go first so he could do the Heeerre's Farrah and Heerre's Michael at the pearly gates.

I remember my mom watching Johnny and Ed. Always smoking, have the guests were half lit from the backstage bar...a whole different time in the world.