Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She AGREED with me?

Background: A few years ago our daughters started sharing a room. One of the bedrooms upstairs has two closets, is plenty big enough for two twin beds, and a charming window seat that my father-in-law built. They liked sharing a room (we moved them in together when DD2 got to move to a "big girl bed")... and that left another bedroom - the former nursery - to function as a play room.

Which worked pretty well.
Until about 6 months ago.

It seems that sometime after the first of the year, the girls discovered talking and playing in their beds instead of going to sleep. We would seriously catch them with flashlights and dollhouses in bed with them. And the giggling was not quiet. This just wouldn't do, because two tired girls are two cranky girls. And two frustrated parents are not fun.

We decided that they lost the privilege of sharing a room. An idea that does not thrill me entirely - as now there will be a lot of homeless toys and fighting over where to keep certain "collections" that are so much easier kept together. (Littlest Pets, Polly's, etc.) However, there is good news.

I asked DD1 (who is moving to the smaller, "new" room - because she gets to redecorate and loves the idea) what colors she thought she'd like for the new room.
DD1: "Green."
Me: "No, the word was COLORS, which is PLURAL. Your entire room cannot be green."
DD1: "Green and whatever goes with green?"
(She may have inherited a bit of sarcasm from her mother.)

I decided that I'd look at quilts and comforters online - see if there was anything I liked that she might also like. I discovered that there is a world of ugly bedding out there. But, I did find one that I really, really liked. One that would make it very easy to coordinate the rest of the room around it - as it contained so many colors and patterns. A quilt that is not one bit "little girl", and not stuffy and "grown up" either. A quilt that I can imagine won't need to be replaced because she grows out of it and needs something less babyish. But, since I thought it was perfect I did not expect that she would agree. When it comes to clothes, she hates most everything I think would look good on her. In fact no matter what it is, usually if I like it? She hates it. Happily, though, I am here to report that the very first quilt that I showed her - the only one I really liked - was accepted exuberantly. She loves it, and as soon as it arrives we will go get that green border color matched (which is also the quilt border and backing), remove the Pooh wallpaper border from the walls, and start moving all that elfa shelving around to accommodate two "new" rooms.

Wish us luck!


Vanessa said...

Sounds like the perfect compromise to me!

birdymunch said...

LOL looks like PB teen catalog that we receive, have fun decorating.

Colleen O said...

ooh! Beautiful! I was just lamenting the short summer, and in the second breath decided - it's time to paint!! Please share any and all ideas!

Rumour Miller said...

Love the bedset!

Rae Ann said...

I agree, too! What a cute set! I hope when I give up creative control of Z's room that she will still like stuff I like!