Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Check out Google today..

Google is having it's 10 year anniversary (Yes, it's true... it's been 10 YEARS already that Google has been around) they have a special place you can click to see their oldest search archives. (They only go back to 2001)

I typed in Ipod, and it took me to THIS SITE HERE. It seems that on November 10th, Ipod will have it's 7th anniversary. The amazing ipod was 5 gb, could store "up to 130" cd's worth of songs... and he screen was type only in b/w. Wow, how things have changed! (Look how big it was!)

I typed in "Cell Phones" and learned that Palm Inc., and Motorola were going to begin working on a project together called a "PDA Cell Phone." (Which is weird, because I thought that the PDA and Cell technology merged before that... I guess 7 years is longer than I thought!) Also, Sega was going to begin developing games for cell phones, and this:
was state of the art cell phone technology.

E-books were going to be the "way of the future", and there was talk of old fashioned books becoming obsolete. (Which still could happen, but e-books didn't take off like they thought it would.)

Go ahead - search. It's kind of a riot how much things have changed.


Sitting in Silence said...

It's scary....I wonder what will be around in ten years !

Dodi said...

When I think back it's amazing how things have changed. I was watching an old episode of SATC not too long ago, and Carrie Bradshaw was using a payphone. A Payphone? Carrie was so f-ing current that she would most certainly have had a cell phone as soon as they became popular - - and I forget that it's only in the past 5 or 6 years that it's become a gadget that everyone has.

I think I might have to blog about this subject!