Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Last in my Halloween Series

(even carved in to a pumpkin he makes me swoon!)


Nichole M said...

Dude. That is amazing.

Sitting in Silence said...

Gosh some people sure are talented

Colleen O said...

I am an avid pumpkin carver. This year sadly I only did one, usually we all do 2 plus some joint efforts. Does AT have a Zac E version on her porch I wonder?

Best thing about halloween.

ganelle said...

happy halloween!

Dodi said...

Hope you all had a fabulous halloween!

Colleeno - the skeleton in the leaves was so cool! I didn't make it to Aimees - was there a zac-o-lantern?

Ganelle - hope your new neighborhood was spooky and fun!

SIS - Happy Halloween! I'd love to see a blog entry on how you celebrate there. Kind of like I'd like to really know what it's like to have Christmas in summertime... what a dream!

Nicole - right? Swoon!