Monday, October 13, 2008

First Frost

I love autumn. I was outside last night, and the air smelled incredible. It was chilly and crisp, and someone in the neighborhood had a fire burning in their fireplace. I stood in the front yard and inhaled deeply - the leaves are turning... what a wonderful feeling.

When we woke up this morning there was frost on the cars and my good cozy, crisp, "fallish" feeling comes screeching to a halt.

This can only mean one thing:
SNOW is right around the corner.

So? Whats a little snow? Please let me remind you what "a little snow" is here in Denver...

In 2003, it was this:
In 2005, it was this - 3 years later and our trees are just now starting to look almost normal again:
and in the winter of 2006/2007 is was many of these, several weekends in a row:

Get your gloves, hats, snowblowers, and snowman making kits ready - HERE IT COMES!


Jessica said...

Oh how I miss that kind of snow. We haven't had a good snow in about three years here!

Vanessa said...

I love the smell of a fireplace in the cool crisp air.

ganelle said...

I was getting all excited about the cool weather.

Way to ruin it!!!

Dodi said...

Jessica - I love the first snowfall, after that they're pretty much a nuisence. Thanks for stopping by!

Van - I have already cleaned the fireplace out for the first weekend it's cold enough to light fires. (As opposed to my husband, who like to light them in the backyard and call it good.)

G - What can I say? Not an optimistic bone in my body regarding snow.

Sitting in Silence said...

What the ! your so not serious are you ?...was that snow up to your door ?

Get outta Town...I cant believe it...

What happens when it melts ?
How do the kids get to school ?
How do you get out the front door ?
Where does the dogs live ?
Does the local pool turn into an ice rink ?

Oh dear god...I so have to go and see the snow one day...

Kate said...

First Frost... yup we get that (around Thanksgiving!)
First Snow... well does 4 inches in the past 5 years count?
See... move to GA! (or at least know you have a vacation spot when you are going crazy in the snow)
Love Ya! Miss Ya!

Dodi said...

SIS - hahaha! Life goes on, you dig out, the plows come around, the dogs live inside (we dig a path to the yard so they can "do their business"). remember, it's been snowing here forever, and the city does a pretty good job of compensating. But, now you get why they say people get "cabin fever"? Pioneers would get snowed in for weeks at a time some years. (We also have excellent drainage systems - and there isn't as much water in snow as you might think.) I can't believe I've never showed you these pictures before! Sometimes the snow is even too deep for the kids to play in! One of the best parts of this much snow is making "snow ice cream". My kids think that is so much fun.

Kate: my very favorite snow memory is when you were here when your son saw it snowing. "Hey Aunt Dodi, snow comes from the sky!" Like he had no idea that it didn't just grow up from the ground. I love that he was old enough to share his wonderous discovery with us! When you are a baby here you just take some things for granted.