Monday, October 20, 2008

Today was my big day in court...

(If you need the backstory as to why I was in court today, click here)

OK, so did you know that if you are convicted of driving on a suspended licence in Colorado that there is a mandatory 5 day jail sentence? The good news? I wasn't convicted of that charge. Heck, turns out I wasn't even charged with that charge.

The first thing the DA said to me today was, "I really hope you got your license renewed?"

My reply, "Why, Yes! I did just that, and I didn't drive even once after I knew it had been suspended - probably two of the longest weeks of my life. I even brought my learners permit along with my new license, in case you needed to see it." (At this point you should know that the DA was most likely putting up with my chattiness because DD2 was there with me, looking EVER so cute in her outfit with her matching hair bows.)

DA, "Good, because you took care of that immediately I'm going to cut you a really good deal today, because we don't want to take any chances that you would lose your license again over what happens here today."

Me (Thankful we remembered the MATCHING hair bows for DD2's outfit, as I'm positive they are making me look like never-break-the-law-suburban-wonder-bread-mother-of-the-year at this point - not kidding when I tell you that easily 5/6ths of the people there in court today were teen aged thugs with bad attitudes, whose idea of 'dressing for court' was making sure their gang tattoos were covered), "Thank you so very much."

DA, "So, let's make sure you don't have any points today... would you plead guilty to 'Allowing a person with an invalid licence drive a vehicle' as it is a no point violation?"

Me, "I'd be willing to plead guilty to that charge."

DA, "I'm going to ask the judge for the maximum fine on this charge."

Me, "Is that a lot?"

DA, "It is a $100 fine."

Me (KA-CHING! BARGAIN! I was afraid he'd say like $500 or something insane like that.) "I'd be more than willing to pay the maximum find in this case."

DA, "All you need to do after you sign this paperwork is see the judge in her courtroom, finalize the new charge, enter a plea of guilty, pay the court clerk, and you're done with this matter. Any questions?"

Me, "No, sir."

DD2 and I make our way to the other side of the building to the courtroom. I follow a 28 year old guy pleading his DUI, and getting his lecture from her honor, the Judge. After that? Judge is all smiles for me and my cute little girl - who behaved like an angel the entire time this morning. $137 later (including court costs) we were on our way back to suburban bliss.

Did I walk away from this experience having learned anything? Yes! Always remember to take one of your darling children (the younger, the better) to court with you, making sure to dress them on an outfit that says, "This child is very well loved, taken care of, and isn't she/he oh-so-precious?" It seems to make the process go much more smoothly than I would have ever thought possible.

(Oh, right... and I suppose you could pay your tickets in a timely manner- - thereby forgoing this whole mess in the first place.)


Nichole M said...

Woah. I'm stunned. Just stunned. I wonder how many criminals were off doing something really harmful while you were going through this fiasco? grrr

OHN said...

Ahhhh...the cute child, with a non scuzbag mother, they don't see that in court very often. I am surprised they didn't give you an award ;)

When I accompanied my 17 year old to traffic court (he was caught IN MY CAR doing "donuts" in an empty parking lot, but the lot happened to be a state park parking lot)he went in well dressed, no piercings, new haircut etc, he was soooo out of place. There were people there in ratty t-shirts and flip flops. He even looked around and commented about the other is a whole different segment of society than he is used to :)

ganelle said...

Yeah!!! So good to hear that you are back on the roads!

birdymunch said...

Good call on bringing DD2 and of course the MATCHING hair bows. Glad this chapter of your driving record is safely retired.

Aimee said...

Can I borrow your child next time I have to go to court (not that it happens frequently) since mine would likely tell the court EVERYTHING I have done wrong in her lifetime and some stuff made up just for the laugh factor?

Dodi said...

Aimee - yes. DD2 seems to be a court favorite.

Birdymunch - You'll never convince me that the hairbows didn't make all the difference. (That and she didn't have all of her front teeth covered with silver caps like the other little girl who was there that day)

Nicole - Thanks for stopping by! I have been shocked over and over again by this whole thing!

OHN - I kept thinking "if my father ever saw one of his kids dressed like those thugs for COURT, the judge wouldn't be the biggest scare in our lives!"

Ganelle - I am on the roads -- watch out at stop signs!

Sitting in Silence said...

Thanks Dodi...I have taken down this post in point form...

Just in case...


Vanessa said...

Glad everything worked out. I filed away the matching hair bows for later reference should I ever need it!