Friday, October 17, 2008

THIS was really funny....

I was watching the speeches from the Alfred E. Smith dinner on TV last night, and both our presidential candidates made me laugh really hard... darling husband was like, "Just go to sleep already."

I have to appreciate good comic timing - and John does have a leg up over Obama on that one. You should watch the videos of both candidates. It's nice to see them just being funny guys for a change.

McCain at Alfred E. Smith Dinner (Part 1)
McCain at Alfred E. Smith Dinner (Part 2)

Obama at Alfred E. Smith Dinner


OHN said...

I told my husband that he had to watch it...I loved seeing both of them belly laugh. We need more laughter in this country (with US laughing and NOT people laughing AT us;)

ganelle said...

I'm just so excited to have sara paylin on SLN tonight!

Aimee said...

It's nice to see they are actually human.

Can I say how jealous I am about your cute background!!!!