Thursday, April 10, 2008

FLDS in the news a lot lately

Being someone who is highly amused by the craziness of some religions I have noticed that the FLDS have been in the news quite a bit lately. (FLDS being Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints, not to be confused with LDS, or Mormons as most of us know them) I LOVE it when I see the word fundamentalist in the title of a religion. Why? Because that one word can add a whole world of crazy to what they are about. I am almost gravitationally pulled to learn more about them, because really? Who doesn't like to enjoy knowing there are people just a little crazier than they themselves are out there in this big, wide world.

Now, seeing the FLDS in the news so much lately as brought a couple of thoughts to me:

1) "Hmmm..... wonder when 'Big Love' is due back on the air?"

2) You just know someday there will be a rift in the Church of Scientology, and a branch called FCOS (Fundamentalist Church of Scientology) will break off. And that, my friends? THAT will be some legendary crazy!!! Like selling-tickets-to-see-the-sideshow-crazy. I am all for that, and actually would love to see HBO or Showtime take that one on.

So do something for me today, yes? Be sure to stop and ridicule the craziness. It's really worth the time and effort.

I'll be sure to save you a seat next to me in hell.


Martha said...

FCOS: is that a religion or a problem with your ovaries?

Save me a seat, I'll be right behind you on that bus straight to Hades...

tz said...

really all the best people will be there.

tz said...

hey martha, aren't you supposed to be pics already

Colleen O said...

Do you think it will be a Tom C / John T split? You'd follow Tom anywhere, wouldn't you?

ganelle said...

Just so long as we can be sure to seperate the totally crazy FLDS from those of us who are still crazy, but not at all like THAT!