Friday, April 11, 2008

From our local headlines

So, this was a sort of unexpected article that showed up in our local paper yesterday:

"When Mom wears one set of gang colors and Dad wears another, conflict over how to raise the baby can cause irreconcilable differences." (You can read entire article here.)

Here is my favorite part of the article:
When police asked the woman why the two had separated, she said they have "different ideas about how the baby should be raised," according to a police report.
When officer Daniel Swift asked the woman what she meant by that, she said that the two belong to different street gangs.
"They could not agree on which gang the baby would claim," Swift said.

And suddenly even I feel like a really responsible parent.


tz said...

ooooh, I bet she delivered at the hospital where I'm doing my current clinical

Dodi said...

BWHAHAHAHAHA! Husband loved the story about the twist tie!!

Sitting in Silence said...

TZ...LOL...Maybe the twist tie mother ?

Colleen O said...

Twist tie? I guess I need to re-read TZ's blog. Sounds like I missed a good one!