Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Maybe I should stock up on the zinc oxide this Summer?

Because this is really getting sort of ridiculous.

1) DD2 informs me that I am no longer Caucasian.

2) I end up on a never ending mailing list regarding Hispanic opportunities in education.

3) and now Blogger sent me a message that (hooray!) I can now blog in my native Indic script.

My NATIVE Indic script? I wasn't aware that the ancient peoples of Ireland, England, OR Italy used Indic script on a daily basis... shows you what I know. It's starting to seem like DD2 isn't the only one not convinced of my primarily white European ethnicity. Not that this really bothers me - it's just that if I should be bringing curry to "Heritage Day" at the elementary school I'm gonna have to find a new recipe!

(I'm sorry as I know this is the third blog of the day. Some days blog material just seems to fly from all directions. Other days, not so much.)


Sitting in Silence said...

You need an award....this is the 3rd post today....


tz said...

hahaha, I got a letter from school about the continuing need to lesson the gap between black, brown and white children and how I should come take a class on how to understand the 'new' math---i'm not interested in learning it, i'm interested in teaching my kid to 'borrow' the freakin one from the 10's column not do that weird puzzle thing...i don't think because i have spaniards in my lineage makes me math stupid....I still can't figure out why descendents of Spaniards are brown and say Greeks, Italians and the French...even the portugese are still white...

by the way, I have a great curry recipe, should you need it.