Wednesday, April 9, 2008

He's laughing at me... I know he is.

I am a minivan mom. I never wanted to be one... but I'm really too short to deal with an SUV, besides - I'm the only person on earth that never wanted to own one one of those big old vehicles.
My girls sometimes ask to sit in the "way way" back of the minivan. Of course they can, because I remember this from when I was a little girl and my mom drove a station wagon. "Can we sit in the "way way" back?" You know, so you could ride backwards and make funny faces at the cars behind you? Well, now through the grace of tinted windows other drivers cannot see how weird my kids are being in the way way back of my van... but I do have a question. Is it possible that my kids are allergic to sitting in the way way back? Because every time they sit back there they seem develop some sort of sinus emergency and desperately need a Kleenex. Which, btw, are NEVER located back there because I'm always putting that seat down for some reason or another, and the Kleenex box gets moved back up to the front of the car. If I had half a brain, I'd make sure they took the box back there with them, but after having the children I only have 1/3 of a normal brain... so this never occurs to me until we are on a busy road where the children cannot unbuckle to run up front to get the Kleenex box. I've tried launching it back to them, but I either overthrow the darn thing (which means finding a side street to pull over on so I can open up the back and retrieve them), or I ping someone in the head. It's not that I feel so bad about that, because... well... you know, the Altoids type injuries I have sustained while driving.... but damn it all if I don't hate listening to the crying. The crying which makes my ears practically bleed (and me with no Kleenex box next to me because I've launched it at the children) also makes them need a Kleenex even more than before. Because we now have a horrible sinus drainage AND tears.

It is at time like these in my life I imagine I can actually picture the face of God.
And he's sticking out his tongue at me.


ganelle said...

I think the problem is too many choices. A family of five, isn't really intended to have a car to hold eight. It only leads to fights. Half the time my kids are in the back, it's because I am punishing them for fighting over who sits where.
Too bad we need those extra seats for everyone ELSES kids.

Sitting in Silence said...

My kids only fight about the front seat....but when I was a kid I so used to love going in cars when you could sit way way way at the back !!!

Vanessa said...

Find a Wee-Go. Its a kleenex box that fits in a cup holder. Much harder to loose in the way way back!