Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My darling, very different daughters

OK, DD1 is now in 3rd grade. Never so much as a note home from her teacher.

DD2? Has been in school for exactly 6 days now. What happened tonight?
~~Ring Ring~~ ~~Ring Ring~~
"Hi, Dodi? This is DD2's kindergarten teacher...."

Turns out nothing bad had happened, but DD2 isn't participating. At all. She sits at the back of the group and hides her work. She doesn't ever raise her hand, and she doesn't answer questions the teacher asks her. She had to miss centers today while she did her worksheet, and she cried. Nothing we can't overcome with a little TLC... but this is the same teacher who had DD1 - who is like Arnold Horshack* when she knows the answer to something, and (as her preschool teacher so delicately put it to us in our very first parent/teacher conference) "DD1 likes to Share Information." (She tends to be a touch chatty.)

Bless their hearts! I wouldn't have ever imagined I'd be the mom to two so very different children... because they're both girls - so how different can they be? (There aren't enough words to answer that question!)

*If you don't get this reference? You are WAY too young to be reading my blog!


ganelle said...

Arnold Hoshack! I haven't thought of him in YEARS!

My two boys are totally different as well. I remember when BB2 was in a bit of trouble in kindergarten, and I was lamenting to the teacher that BB1 didn't have these problems (she taught them both) she said "But BB2 is going to have a lot of fun."

Sigh. You'd think that having one child would give you at least some of the experience you need to parent a second child. Then they turn out SOO different!

Vanessa said...

Hey! Don't be trying to run off the younger folks! Seriously, I had to Google it, but then I remembered. I often loose track of which name (if I ever knew it in the first place) goes with which celebrity.

Dodi said...

So funny... I'm not sure I'd remember the actor's name who played him, but I remember Horshack.

G - I think a puppy who cowers in the corner, who you've never beaten but acts like you're going to, would have prepared us for DD2. She acts like life has beaten her down - when really? We've always tried to make sure she was in activities that made her confident.

Before I was a parent I always thought "nurture" trumped "nature". Now? I'm not so sure "nature" isn't the ultimate winner.

Sitting in Silence said...

Oh I so get this post....I ask myself this question every day....

We have no idea where our little Stumpy is from...that kid has broken every rule in the book and I swear he would have been an only child if he were born first...lol..

I hope your DD settles in...some children just take longer then others xoxox

tz said...

But then it would be boring and stepfordish if you had two of the same :)

we missed you last night!

tz said...

But then it would be boring and stepfordish if you had two of the same :)

we missed you last night!


welcome back kotter, is an awful show.
and arnold laughs weird.

anyhoo, it could be worse, when mrs. godinez (nicknamed by the students "gonads")calls our house it's usually to inform my parents of my in school suspension...

Amy again... said...

oh and up there you didn't remember the actors name but it was ron palillo or something right?

Dodi said...

Amy! Welcome Back Kotter was the IT show when I was in elem school! Even your dad watched it. And, yes, that actor does sound right. I'm too lazy to check for sure... but I think that's it. Wonder whatever happened to him?