Friday, September 12, 2008

They’re baaaaacckkkk! And they're helping!

(For my recap on last week's episode, click here. I missed the cut-off for recapalooza... and last week frankly was a better episode to blog about.)

Did you love the faces of horror as they saw who the special guests were? They will base their designs on the astrological sign of one of the designers, and must create an avant-garde outfit. The budget is $250.

The teams are as follows:
Korto / Kelli
Kenley / Wesley
Joe / Daniel
Leanne / Emily
Blayne / Stella
Terri / Keith
Terrell / Jennifer
Suede / Jerry

(Note: Aquarius is by far the best as it is my sign. Water, blue, silver, what’s not to love?)

Terri and Keith are like oil and vinegar already, and they aren’t 30 minutes in to the partnership.

Scurry to buy fabric and… Thank You Mood!

(I love it when they get back to the workroom and they’re all like, “Ok, what do we do now?” Sure, now that you have the fabric, and can’t buy anything else… lets figure it out now.)

Terri just doesn’t know what to do – I know what she’ll do. Pants. And possibly a jacket. Man, those two hate each other. Keith, “Careful, I’m fragile right now.” What? Who the eff admits they are a complete, frightened pansy on television?

Leanne and Emily are the popular girls in the lunchroom, rolling their eyes at the quirky, loud Kenley. Kenley totally gets that she is odd girl out.

Tim’s visit!
Tim, again, does not at all get what Blayne is doing. Not at all. It is all in the eyebrows, people. That man could stay silent all night, but you’d know what he was thinking by his eyebrows.

Jerrell. Tim is dishing harsh tonight. He’s “intrigued”, which means he thinks it is weird

Leanne. Tim loves the exo-skeleton idea.

Kenley is making a Queen Victoria dress on steroids. Kenley is not taking Tim’s advice that the dress will be a garish costume. Kenley is wrong to defy the Tim.

Terri Is taking this as literal as possible. Tim can feel the tension. Crap, my sister who lives in NY can probably feel the tension.

The next morning. (Think Wesley and Daniel did it last night??)

Work room is a disaster area. You know I HATE it when there are this many designers to follow. It’s chaos and nothing great happens. They don’t have enough time to focus on the small, funny things that go on. So Terri is pissed, which is the main focus. Terri is always pissed. Move on.

Suede said “We are all running around like chickens with their head cut off again.” Wouldn’t you expect him to say, “Suede and his minions are running around like chickens…” instead?

Kenley may be a little overconfident. Her dress is pretty ugly. Fashion forward? Maybe. Ugly? Certainly.

So, we’re leaving for the party, and haven’t seen anything of Joe’s design yet, only a sleeve of Blayne’s design, and not much from Korto.

The outfits will be judged by former design contestants. OK? Kara looks like even more plain that ever. I love that Christian is there, so cute! Allison was one of my favorites, and Robert. Who didn’t just want to pinch Robert’s cheeks?

Next day they have to sew their looks together since a lot of the stuff went out unfinished last night. Keith and Terri are no longer speaking, and Keith has gone for a siesta in the break room.

Blayne’s outfit looks like underwear. Literally. The muslin stuff they used to wear in the olden days, and Stella is pounding! Of course she has found a way to work grommets in to Blayne's underwear fiesta. She has the gift of grommet.

Tim has to come in and wake Keith up. Silly little lazy designer!

(First of all, Jerrell is looking pretty “Leo” himself this evening, and did Kelli make that dress out of scraps left over from Kenley’s project?)
Nina is back! My 5 year old daughter will be so happy.
Blayne looks nervous. I’ve seen his garment. He should be nervous.

Cue the sillhouette:

Blayne: The close up on Michael’s face when he sees this is priceless.

Kenley: So effing ugly. Looks like a fabric topiary. I think I saw that in the Spring Ballard Design catalog.

Terri: Looks like a Bollywood wonder woman

Korto: looks like Aquarius. Not pretty, though.

Joe: A salsa dancer? Doing the walk of shame?

Jerrell: OK, it works better than I thought. I actually like that skirt.

Leanne: Cool. Could she three-pete?

Suede: Light and airy… looks poorly made. The things on the back are weird.

Kenley’s face is priceless when they announce who the four candidates for the win are… she can’t believe she didn’t win.

They start with the four lowest...

Libra. Nina, looks haphazard. Francisco, costumey. Michael, she is pooping fabric. Just odd. Judges think it was a joke.

Leo. Michael, voodoo princess in hell. (LOL!) taste flew out the window. Francisco, should have been powerful. Judges hate the outfit, and hate that Terri didn’t work it out with Keith.

Aquarius. Nina, does not agree that this is inspired by zodiac. Michael says this is NOT avant-garde. He has seen it all before. Judges think it was not fitting the brief, and think she is stubborn.

Libra. Nina, bordering on expected. Francisco, proportion is not there. Judges think it is boring, tacky, and not avant-garde at all. Michael cracks me up with the cracks on his third person usage. Dodi loves that they openly mock Suede.

Winner is: Jerrell. I am surprised… although it was not like anything I had ever seen before. Tim was right, it is so forward that either it will win or the judges will hate it.
Leanne, Korto, Joe, good work. You are safe.
Kenley is in. Blayne is out. Suede is in. Terri is out.

That leaves 6 designers? WAY too many for this late in the season. Wonder if next week will be the Big Fashion Massacre of 2008?


Martha said...

So, I"ve watched it.
I've read your blog.
And for once...I'm sort of speechless. I guess I"m too much suburban housewife to even understand the challenge much less know wtf AVANTE GARDE means to these people...because was allSO out there compared to my mom uniform sense of style.

But, I am glad Terri is out.
Are you getting any vibe for who the winner might be?
As a rather newbie to this craze, In my opinion nobody is really standing out as a consistent design star!

theminx said...

You're spot on with the Bollywood Wonder Woman and the Queen Victoria dress on steroids!