Tuesday, September 2, 2008

He may have improved his chances this weekend.

John McCain picked Sarah Palin for his VP running mate. He strategically picked a woman, who looks like this:
..thus wrapping up the horny man vote.

He picked a woman who has family issues:
...thus wrapping up the Focus on the Family vote.

He picked a woman who knows how to have a little fun:
...thus wrapping up the fraternity brothers vote.

But lets stand back and watch PETA go batshit over this one:
...I don't think the daughter is an issue. I think the bloody carcase might be?
Anyway, September and October just got a little more competitive, didn't they?


Colleen O said...

Don't forget the NRA vote! (You never know when they're gonna swing to the left, and get all touchy feely on ya!) The bloody elk shot thows them a bone.

Sitting in Silence said...


This is why we love you Dodi...Your sence of humor has me falling off my chair...

Batshit @ the carcase....LMAO....