Tuesday, May 27, 2008

She is coming to DENVER!!!

OK, mark June 18th on your calendars because it's Ladies Night Out to go see one of my favorite funny authors!!!

Jennifer Lancaster, author of:
is bringing the book tour to Denver, and WE ARE THERE. Mrs Nielson, TZ, ColleenO, Gladys Kravitz, and all y'all are to be sure that this evening is clear. My eternal gratitude is promised. (Oh, and we'll be sure to get a signed copy for our neighbor in Oz.) If you feel the need to read any of her stuff before then, I have all three of her books. Just let me know! (More details to be posted as they appear on her website.)
Happy happy happy!


Sitting in Silence said...

Oh and she sooooooooooo wants to join her adopted neighbour hood !

Whats the first book called and I will steak out a copy !

tz said...

ok, put it on my calender!
jason's going to have to cart the boys to their various baseball practices....

Vanessa said...

This will be a fabulous night! She was amazing here in Dallas and I have one bit of advice, get there early!

Colleen O said...

I get to leave the house? REALLY? What was that date again?