Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhogs Day!

Well, Phil got up early today and saw his shadow. Six more weeks of Winter. Sigh. The good news is that it's only 6 more Mondays until Spring! (Or, depending on how you look at it, six more SMA Fridays!) I get Spring Fever quite bad this time of year... and long for the Summer days that follow. The color of "Pool Blue" is a happy color for me. I can't wait to see it again.

We went to our friends' annual Groundhogs Day Party this weekend, and it was really fun. They are old neighbors who have "moved on" as they say, and we miss them. In speaking to the husband, I got a more in-depth understanding of "Why Groundhogs Day?" It seems that around the Yuletide peoples' weekends get booked too quickly with the glut of holiday get-togethers, and then there is a big let down in the social scene. Seems like everyone enjoys a good party during the dark days of Winter... and so the Groundhogs Day Party was born. It isn't that he's crazy about the rodent, it's simply a really good time to have a party.

My husband told me his parents had a "last rose of Summer" party. Husband and I really need to have an annual party to call our own. We have claimed Thanksgiving as our holiday to host for our families, but we don't have an annual do for our friends. Wouldn't it be fun to have a certain time of year come up and have people be able to say; "Hey, isn't it time for Dodi and Whats-his-name's annual (something or other) party?"

Kids will be included. Evites will be sent. Now all we need is a good idea.


OHN said...

We started the tradition of having a picnic the beginning of July...sometimes it has been a 4th picnic but not always.

It started as family (27 years ago) then we started inviting friends. We have yard games for the kids and each family brings some food contribution so I don't have to do too much.

It is always fun and since it is summer I can keep everyone out of the house and just clean the path from the slider door to the bathroom :)

ganelle said...

I never really knew THAT was the reason for the party - I always thought it was some quirky obsession with groundhogs...

I think you should do St. Patty's Day, or maybe something in mid-Sept, like an early fall-fest.

Dodi said...

A fall fest might be fun - we could still have people outside and inside because the weather is usually still pretty nice in September.

that might be a good idea, missy! I wonder if there is a pagan holiday we could center the theme around? The equinox is also called the "wine harvest" (according to wiki). That sounds like a good enough reason to throw a bash. (You won't at all be required to partake of the wine, you can just revel in the autumness of it all) Sept 21st, or thereabouts. It might just work!

ganelle said...

I looked it up:

Holidays in Sept:
National Flower Week, Farm Animal Awareness, National Roller Skating Week (you haven't finished your basement, have you?) The 21st is actually World Gratitude Day, and ice cream was invented on the 22nd.

I think that should give you plenty to work with!

Dodi said...

National Roller Skating Week is a riot! We could set up an obsticle course with the futon and storage boxes in the basement. We could even set up the undecorated christmas tree to add ambience! A doorprize to whomever can jump the washer and dryer! A time trial on who can change the furnace filter the quickest... crawl space racing... there are endless possibilities.

Sitting in Silence said...

Bring it on ! I cant believe the weather gets to minus 14....that's Artic weather....I have been telling everyone at work how cold it is....
Us poor Aussies have no idea....LOL

Rae Ann said...

I love your header so much I want to make out with it.

In my former life (before we moved to Small Town and before we had kids), I held a big hoo-ha party every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

I called it New Year's in November and we dressed up, served fancy nibbles, drank champagne, did a count down and threw confetti.

I started throwing it one year when all of the weekends in December were taken. I decided to throw a pre-emptive holiday bash.

G Ochoa said...

If we hadnt gotten sick we were thinking of doing an After The Holidays Coctail Party at the end of I guess we will have to just wait on that but feel free to take the idea and run...How about an Oktoberfest party? Would love to help ya if you like!! Ohhh...mark your calendar for teh Annual Ochoaville in July!!!! :)