Friday, February 6, 2009

SMA Friday!

There are far, far sadder people than I out there... as evidenced by the fact that you can find him on a coffee mug. *

But, in keeping with the spirit of SMA Friday, here he is:

*There is even a Jesus mug out there that actually looks like Hugh - but that might cross the boundries into bad taste. After all, I don't want the police banging on my door like I'm some sort of internet stalker! Which, come on who are we kidding, I probably am since I've got like 25 pictures of him on my hard drive ready to post on Fridays. Ummm, wait. Was that an overshare?


Martha said...

Ah..............a picture is worth a thousand sighs!

tz said...

um I'm thinking that mug w/ the naughty ornaments would be the hit of next years ornament exchange party.....just sayin'