Monday, February 23, 2009

Thoughts on Oscar

OK, so you had to know this was coming, right? I mean, it's me.

Hugh was fabulous. Orange, but fabulous. Yes, I spent 10 minutes trying to adjust the color on my tv - SURE that he wouldn't have done a spray tan for this monumental occasion. After all, he IS the SMA. No tanning necessary. However, the evils of Hollywood befell him, and we can only hope that it wasn't the Olly Girls that got to see our SMA sans clothing for the tanning session. What? You missed seeing him in all his pigmented glory? Check it out

Rarely do you see this shade of apricot on a man, and still have it be so beautiful.

Hugh was a very fun host. There were songs, dances, jokes, but somehow this hussy managed to climb on stage and drape herself over our man:

You can see that he's trying to make her feel not-so-foolish by including her in the dance number, although I'm sure his first reaction was to yell for security and run off stage. I certainly hope she was arrested, as she is clearly an interloper. Please unglue yourself from the SMA!

There were some nice surprises this year. I loved how the groupings of former winners were there to announce the acting awards! Anne Hathaway and Sean Penn got by far the greatest introductions. Shirley McClaine introduced Anne, and Robert De Niro introduced Sean. I tried to find the clips on you tube, but wasn't able. Robert De Niro was so damn funny, and Shirley made me a little teary talking about how talented she finds Anne Hathaway. Great stuff.

My favorite "presentation" was Tina Fey and Steve Martin.

Now, I have to admit, usually I'm a rock during these shows. Catty even. They don't bring me to tears. That said, I welled up several times last night, with Heath Ledgers family causing a lump in my throat so large I was sure I would have to call the paramedics. Man, I don't know if it's because I lost someone whom I loved this year also, but I was crying pretty hard when his dad was talking - just imagining how much more they would have loved that moment if their son had been there himself. I also was reduced to tears when Slumdog Millionaire won best picture. (If you haven't seen it? You really should. It's a great story, and a beautifully filmed movie.)

I know what you really expect from me is snark, so I've downloaded a few photos for us to discuss:

Hmmmmm, looks like Sarah made a couple of well placed purchases with her movie residuals! And what is up with Matthew Broderick? Didn't he used to be adorable? Perhaps he could have gone BOGO on the spray tan with Hugh?

Tilda Swinton is the only woman in Hollywood who could get away with wearing this outfit and have it look "avant gard", as opposed to "your-stylist-should-be-fired."

Why on earth was Mario Lopez at the Oscars? Dancing with the Stars? Yes. Oscars? No.

In a word? Flawless.

Listen to me Little Missy, You are a sixteen year old girl who gets to go to the OSCARS! I don't care if your mother wouldn't let you wear a body baring dress that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination... You are appropriately dressed and at an event you don't really deserve to attend so SMILE and ACT LIKE YOU ARE HONORED TO BE HERE!

Freida Pinto is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood these days. She's pretty enough to be Brad Pitt's next ex.

Hey, there's that blatant hussy again! Nice arms.

Ummmmm..... wow........... well................... that girl behind them has on a cute dress!

The Brange. Two of the best looking people on the planet, both nominated for Best Actor awards, parents of 6 gorgeous children, more money than the Queen of England, able to live anywhere in the world, accomplished in their careers. Yes, I think the look of contempt on their faces is warranted.

Dear Lindsay Lohan,
This? Is how it's done.
As ever, Dodi

and last, but certainly not least.... Robert Downey Jr.! Mark my words: SMA 2010. (Seriously, have you seen Ironman? WOW!)

Until next year,


OHN said...

Well. What can I say. I only got to see part of the show because for some reason husband is allergic to awards shows and since the remote has been implanted into his hand...oh well.

BUT..I did watch GMA this morning and saw plenty of highlights.

The parts of the show I did see, I really liked. I loved the changes, and thought it was much more fun than usual.

As for the clothes/people...hmmm, I have many thoughts but the one that pops out at me when looking at your photos was, , , , what was up with SJP and whatshisname? He just kind of glared at her while she smiled the most strained actress smile ever. Those rumors? Well, I bet we find out they are true. Sad.

Hugh..oh dear Hugh, you are hawter than evah.

ganelle said...

I didn't even get in one minute of the Oscars this year, so THANKS for the recap.

Brajolia? Such beautiful people - Miley- good for her to not dress like a tramp, but couldn't she have found something, um, prettier?

Aimee said...

Okay, I have TIVOed the whole show, but there is no mention of Zac baby in your blog???? And why would you slight him? He even did a dance number with Hugh! I'm so very dissapointed in you!!

However, I would like to say, nice recap. I feel like I was there for MOST of the festivities!

Sitting in Silence said...

Love Love Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this post !
I wait for the Oscars every year !
For me....The look on Angelina's face when Jen was presenting....

Pricless and totally Fake ...

Did you see that Dods ?

tz said...

oh holy cow we are related, ---I always figured I was adopted (heck even my sister thinks I was adopted) I totally had a crush on robert downey when i was younger and so glad he's making a comeback...and will be totally okay if you choose him for sma 2010

Dodi said...

OHN: I hear that SJP and MB have agreed to stay together, even though they live very different lives. supposedly he just ignores her, and was only there because it was such a big event and he needed to be seen.

G: I do think the reigning disney princess could have gone more glamour than Ariel's dream wedding dress.

Aimee: I think the reason I can't get behind Zac is his incessent use of lipgloss and his incessent use of Vanessa. I cannot stand her.

SIS: I missed the look - and believe me I was looking for it. Can't believe I didn't see it, did I blink? I was trying so hard not to! JA was SO NERVOUS up on stage in front of them, right? But, even though I'm not a fan of JA's, she looked more beautiful than the homewrecker.

TZ: If People magazine doesn't choose him they're crazy. He is a sexy beast. Do you need Ironman for your Ipod.

Rumour Miller said...

Love the commentary!

Aimee said...

RE: Zac - I can always hope he dumps the hoe (and the lip gloss).

Colleen O said...

So - I missed the whole thing. . . sorry =/...Didn't even know it was on. . .
But - what was Lindsey Lohan wearing (or was she not invited because she's B list now?) and - I've always been annoyed by Robert Downey Jr., but since Ironman, (hee hee - I just typO-ed Ironmoan - tee hee), he could come to my island.