Sunday, February 1, 2009

All Things February

February is (at least in the USA):

The shortest month on our calendar (This still really makes no sense to me.)
Black History Month (I'll be telling the kids a lot about my family.)
National Snack Food Month (Something I'll try to be patriotic about and remember everyday.)
National Dental Month (due for a cleaning?)
Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month (That's right, bring em back!)
National Grapefruit Month (Yum!)
National Cherry Month (Why?)
National Bird Feeding Month (okay...because most of them are still in MEXICO for the remainder of the winter...)
American Heart Month (makes sense.)
American History Month (wait, how come Black History can't have it's own month? Eleven other months available and it has to share with American History?)

Special days in February:

2nd: Groundhogs Day (Go Phil, Go!)
7th: Charles Dickens Day (his birthday.)
11th: Thomas Edison's birthday (his too.)
12th: Abraham Lincoln's birthday, and my brother's birthday (more on this later.)
13th: MY birthday (more on this, too, later.)
14th: Valentines Day (Awww. I love Valentines Day!)
15th: Susan B. Anthony's birthday (I know who she is, but she already has a silver dollar, does she really also need a day?)
16th: Presidents Day (I like this because it's a day off of school.)
18th: Anniversary of the Planet Pluto being discovered. (Is this really still a day of recognition now that they bumped Pluto off the planet list?)
20th: Hoodie-Hoo Day (Northern Hemisphere only. Don't you dare celebrate in Australia!)
22nd: George Washington's birthday (He'll be 277 this month.)
24th: Mardi Gras (This is when that "not really being Catholic" thing comes in handy. More on that later.)

So, if nothing else, February gives us a lot of blog fodder. Which, really, is a bonus since it doesn't give us much else other than cold weather, a rodent who predicts the coming of Spring, and my getting older every damn year.

February? Bring it.

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