Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guys you date vs. Guys you marry

Today, Penny Parker (Rocky Mountain News, "On The Town") had the following under her signature column wrap up, EAVESDROPPING:

"Eavesdropping on a woman's Facebook post: 'I want to date an iPhone guy but marry a BlackBerry guy."

That, my friends, is the way the new generation sees the age old situation.
1940's: date the musician, but marry the veteran.
1950's: date the rebel, marry the insurance executive.
1960's: date the guy you met at Woodstock, marry the guy you met at your parent's country club.
1970's: date the protester, marry the tax payer.
1980's: date the guy with the biggest hair in the band, marry the guy in the preppy polo shirt who held your hair after the big night with the band.
1990's: date the dot-com rebel, ....ummmm well, marry the dot-com rebel. The 90's were a strange time.
2000's: date the iPhone, marry the Blackberry.

Too recent?

1500's: date the cute, smelly stable boy on market day, marry the guy who's father is a merchant or a knight.

Who you marry says a lot about who you are, and what you expect from life. I don't think there is any getting around this, it's just the way it is - and society has always had certain standards that 80% of the population aspire to.

My own take on this, and my advice for anyone looking for stability and happiness in this world of chaos and foolishness: date the guy on facebook, marry the guy on LinkdIn. Some thing make all the difference.
For me, I have to agree: Blackberry trumps iPhone.



Vanessa said...

Definitely! Being that I have my own BlackBerry, I should be two steps ahead on this mission, no? Does it put me behind that I'm only on Facebook and not on LinkdIn?

Dodi said...

Oh, honey, I'm not on LinkdIn either.... I just want my responsible partner to be covered if he needs it!

Rae Ann said...

Date the guy you met at a bar. Marry the guy you met in grad school.

gotoguy said...

I really like this post!! Any tips on where to find the Blackberry guy.