Saturday, February 7, 2009


Testing? One, two, three... testing... (sound of tapping the microphone) is anybody still out there?

(The only sound in the background is the wind whistling through this particular blogger canyon.)

Hmmmm, well I suppose nobody cares that I have strep and that my throat hurts so very badly that when I swallow it feels like my ears might explode like Mt. Vesuvius.

(Poor me.)

I'll just finish my hot tea, go pick up my prescriptions, and climb back in bed - where I'm sure my ears will explode and my throat will never stop hurting. (Seriously, I get the throat - it's STREP THROAT... but the ears? Cruel collateral damage, absolutely cruel.)

s i g h .


OHN said...

I would rather have vomiting, or diarrhea, or just about anything other than strep. I simply cannot deal with sore throats.


How about some warm salt water gargles?

Martha said...

I so are feeling bad and I've been a poor commenting lurker!

Hope you feel better.
Do you need a little something "extra" for that tea? If can bring over whatever "shot" you need...'cuz I"m guessing Mrs. Kravitz has a rather bare cupboard when it comes to those types of essentials. Oh wouldn't that be funny: Um, can I borrow a cup of brandy? :)

Martha said...

Are you feeling the love yet? Went back and commented on the stuff I'd lurked on earlier in the week.

Can't have our Ms. Dodi feeling lonely.

ganelle said...

We went through that last month, and OH, I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! For me, hot chocolate was the only thing that could open my throat in the morning, and prepared me for bed. Oh, and the humidifier RIGHT next to me 24/7.

SOOOOO sorry for you!

Rae Ann said...

Poor you! That sounds just MISERABLE. Get lots of rest and pass off all parenting to hubby! And a hot toddy wouldn't hurt!

Dodi said...

The love, the antibiotics, the flonase, and the tea have me feeling so much better.

Thanks for coming to my pity party!